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father faked son’s kidnap for ransome

Lured by the desire to raise money at all cost to change  from his vulcanizer job to a more profitable business, a man  masterminded the kidnap of his son to invoke the sympathy of his church members into paying the ransom for him to claim, reports Weekly Trust.

What must have pushed a father to engineer the kidnap of his son for monetary gains? That what allegedly  happened in Lagos last week.

A middle-aged man, Samson Adeyinka Adebayo, was said to have connived with his girl friend, Kehinde Alonge,  to fake the kidnap of his nine-year-old son named Emmanuel Adebayo.

But the victim’s father and his girl friend were not lucky enough, as the operatives of the Department of State Security Service (DSS), Lagos State Command arrested them. They were nabbed while attempting to withdraw N350,000 from a bank in Ilesha, Osun State. The money was paid as ransom for the release of the boy.

Investigations showed that Adebayo and Kehinde, who are now  suspects, were lovers and had the boy (Emmanuel), after which they parted ways a long time ago.

However, the plan to kidnap Emmanuel was hatched by his father, who later convinced the victim’s mother to buy into his plan.

The father of the victim told Weekly Trust that when he was paraded at the DSS Lagos Headquarters, Shangisha, he intended to use the ransom to boost his business.

The suspect claimed that he was motivated by the fact that those who go into kidnapping in Nigeria make millions of naira from families and friends of their victims.

Adebayo claimed that he was propelled to embark on the venture because   the income from his vulcanizing job could not sustain his family and needed to change business.

“For years now, I have been engrossed with the thought of how to lay my hands on money to boost my business.
I read in the papers of how people make millions of naira from kidnapping. So I came up with the idea of faking the kidnap of my own son.

“I felt that, if I succeeded in carrying out my plans, friends from my church and other people who might be sympathetic to my plight may raise money for me to rescue the boy,” he added.

He said though, the boy was not in his custody, he needed to convince his former girl friend and mother of his son on the viability of his plan.

“Sometime last month I went to see the mother of my son who was living at Badagry in Lagos on the need to join hands with me.

“It took me time before I was able to convince her, but at last she agreed,” she said
The next step, according to the suspected kidnapper, was  where to keep the boy until the intended ransom money is paid.

“It was at this juncture that I came up with the idea of sending them to stay with a friend at Ilesha, Osun State,” he added.

“By the time we agreed on where to go, she demanded for some money from me. So I raised N3,000 with which they transported themselves to Osun,” he said.

Stressing further, the mastermind of the kidnap alleged that he, along with some church members, reported the matter to DSS operatives at Badagry, adding that    two days later he informed the security operatives that the kidnappers were demanding for   N500,000 from him, and that the money be paid to a UBA account.

He said those who were sympathetic to his plight paid about N350,000 into the said account.
“The owner of the account is based in Ilesha and he was arrested while he along with my girl friend attempted to cash the money,” he said.

The mother of the victim corroborated his claims, saying she was lured into the kidnap of her son by her lover who is also the father of the boy.

“He gave me N3,000 when I complained of not having  any money and promised that he will give me more when we get to Ilesha,” she added.

The Lagos State Director of DSS, Mr. Ben Achu said the arrest was sequel to a report which they received from the father of the victim alleging that his son was kidnapped by some unknown persons on October 3, 2013.

Achu said sequel to the report, operatives of the command swung into action to rescue the said victim.
“Preliminary investigations confirmed that the kidnap of Emmanuel Adebayo was masterminded by one Kehinde Alonge who had demanded for a ransom of N350,000 for the release of the boy and that the money should be paid into a  UBA account Number 2050908899 which was later discovered to be owned by one Taiwo Faloye,”  the director averred.

“After series of intense investigations, both Taiwo Faloye who is the owner of the account and Kehinde Alonge who is also the mother of the victim were arrested at Ilesha, Osun State while trying to collect the ransom money,” he said
The DSS Lagos State boss said during interrogation Alonge confessed to kidnapping the boy, but revealed that she was lured to do so by her former boyfriend whom she identified as Samson Adeyinka Adebayo, who is also the boy’s father.
Achu further stated that it was the boy’s father who pleaded with her to abduct his son while she went to visit Adebayo at Badagry.

“She also confessed that the boy’s father gave her N3,000 with which she travelled along with the victim to Osun State,” he said.

Though, he said that the suspects claimed that the owner of the UBA account was not in the know of their intention, but that it is left for the court to decide.

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