Good News: Cancer drug for patients record 100% success in IS trial

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According to reports, a drug study involving cancer patients in the United States (US) was a complete success.

The patients had rectal cancer, which is a kind of cancer that starts in the rectum, or lower end of the large intestine.

According to a research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the experiment included 12 patients who all went into remission after six months of using "dostarlimab."

Dostarlimab is a type of immunotherapy used to treat endometrial cancer. It works by revealing cancer cells to the immune system, allowing it to recognize and eliminate them.

The goal of this clinical research was to see if it could be used to treat rectal cancer tumors.

The 12 patients were given dostarlimab every three weeks for six months, followed by regular chemoradiotherapy and surgery, according to the researchers.

They did, however, report considerable improvement six months after the patients stopped using the medicine.

"A total of 12 patients have completed treatment with dostarlimab and have undergone at least 6 months of follow-up. All 12 patients (100%; 95% confidence interval, 74 to 100) had a clinical complete response, with no evidence of tumor on magnetic resonance imaging, F-fluorodeoxyglucose–positron-emission tomography, endoscopic evaluation, digital rectal examination, or biopsy,” the researchers said.

“At the time of this report, no patients had received chemoradiotherapy or undergone surgery, and no cases of progression or recurrence had been reported during follow-up (range, 6 to 25 months). No adverse events of grade 3 or higher have been reported.”

However, the researchers cautioned against concluding that the cancer had been permanently removed, stating that "further follow-up is needed to establish the duration of response."

One of the paper's lead authors, Luis Diaz, said he was unaware of any prior study in which a medication entirely eradicated cancer in every patient.

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“This is the first time this has happened in the history of cancer,” he said.

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