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Herdsmen attack: I don’t trust police – Fayose

The Executive Governor of Ekiti State Ayodele Fayose, during an interactive conference, convened a Pan Yoruba Social-cultural group, Yoruba Ko’ya, in Ado Ekiti on Thursday said he does not trust the Nigerian police.

Fayose giving ram to Muslims in Ekiti
Fayose giving ram to Muslims in Ekiti

The governor called on the country President, Muhammadu Buhari to restructure the country to improve the security of the state.

The conference was about the Fulani herdsmen and farmers clashes and how it affects food security in Ekiti, plus the increase in the abduction and armed robbery in the state.

The convener of the conference, Otunba Deji Osibogun said the gathering was to create a virile structure for contact and mobilisation on how to safeguard the lives of the people in the state.
Fayose at the event called on Yoruba of political and religious interest to unite for the purpose of defending the invasion of the Yoruba land by external forces.
He said, “Let me say very expressly that resistance is not easy but only the courageous win. I was at Ibadan restructuring crusade organised by Afenifere in September 2017, all that I said there, I have no apology for them.
“Yoruba people should be allowed to be in right places. I want to appeal to our people that this is a collective struggle. If you say you cannot defend yourself, someone wants to cut you,…you want to wait and allow people to shoot you? Even God does not appreciate cowards.”
Herdsmen kidnappers have abducted and killed at least four people in the state within the last two weeks.
Fayose stressed the need for community policing to fight the menace, adding that the Nigerian police had failed in its responsibilities to protect the lives of the citizens.
“I don’t trust the police, but these people sitting are the real police; the hunters are the real police that I trust. The vigilantes are the real security; policemen are only accountable to the Inspector General of Police, not the people but the local people are the mightiest.
“Let me say this that this struggle is not about Yoruba Ko’ya, it is Ekiti Ko’ya All states should go and collate figures of herdsmen and cows in their land and bring them together.
“We must defend our land. Some of our leaders because of their political interest, they keep shut. I am a Nigerian, they should lock me up, I am not afraid; the power of the people is greater than those in the position of power. Those oppressing us today will be out of power one day.
“This is our collective struggle, the anti-open grazing law has come to stay in Ekiti. Anyone who says we should go back to darkness will die.”