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Homosexuality in Nigeria, What’s your view? (Video)

Many develop countries have come to the terms that they have no choice than to live with the different sexuality like the gays and lesbians.

Many countries in Africa still frown at it as against nature.  If you are a father and your son comes to you to disclose that he is gay, what would you do? This is the question many African parents ask themselves and till now there has been no positive answers.

Michael Ighodaro is a gay from Benin City who ran away from Nigeria due to the threats he received and attacks he had from unknown people. His parents as well as his siblings disowned him.

In the video below, he revealed he misses his family and wishes that in the future, they get to understand that whatever he is today, is his choice..


Homosexuality  in Nigeria is against the law and if you are caught in the act, you get a jail term of 14 years, Many others are killed secretly without investigations like South Africa. Enjoy the video by sahara reporters below:

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