Hoodlums Invade Church, Hacks Pastor As Members Flee

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After being attacked by armed thugs who raided a Celestial Church of Christ in the Jakande region of Lagos State, a pastor, Adewunmi Awotidoye, has been hospitalized.

CP Abiodun Alabi
CP Abiodun Alabi

The thugs assaulted the church on motorcycles during a service, armed with firearms and machetes.

They allegedly thrashed the cleric, including cutting him with a machete.

Congregants were confused by the occurrence on Tuesday, January 25, and several fled the church grounds.

According to an eyewitness who requested anonymity, one of the hoodlums attempted to shoot Awotidoye.

"When the hoodlums came, he was in church planning a weekly program," she explained. There were six in total, two of whom remained outside the gate and two entered. They questioned if he was Prophet Awotidoye as soon as they entered the chapel, and he responded yes. They then seized him and began kicking and punching him. One of them wanted to use his gun on him, but the other intervened.

"As soon as he saw the prophet take to his heels, he ordered a machete." He was pursued by the hoodlums, who caught up with him after he fell. They hacked him with the machete. A 70-year-old church elder pleaded with them to leave him alone. They advised the man to stay away."

A woman who moved near was also macheted, and she's at the hospital.

It was learnt that there was a power struggle within the church. Following the resignation of a previous church leader, Elijah Ogunbemi was appointed as the new pastor. However, Ogunbemi was reportedly suspended after a year for alleged egregious misbehaviour. Following that, Awotidoye was appointed in an acting capacity.

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