How a car stolen in Canada landed in Nigeria for sale

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A Toyota Highlander car stolen in faraway Canada was recently traced down to Lagos, Nigeria, which was a surprising revelation.

The car was tracked and found in Amuwo Odofin, where it had already been sampled for sale by a dealer.

Investigators, who posed as buyers asked the fellow who sampled the car to provide proof that the car was properly and legally imported into Nigeria.

The seller however, could not provide paper works for the importation of the car.

CTV News had reported, “One of those Toyota Highlanders looked a lot like the car that was stolen from Abdallah in September. The Canadian news channel hired a team of Nigerian journalists to look into the situation. “

"The team arranged to meet the vendor in a gravel lot in Amuwo Odofon, just west of the Nigerian capital, Lagos, in mid-April. The seller met the group and brought them over to the Highlander to examine it.

“He claimed the car was imported legally from the United States. But when the people posing as buyers asked to see the paperwork, he wouldn’t share it.

“However other identifying marks, when seen up close, confirmed it was indeed Abdallah’s car. And in the same lot, there was another car with Quebec plates.”

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