How Aisha Buhari Ordered DSS to Beat Aminu Adamu over Twitter comment

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Aminu Adamu, a student at the Federal University in Dutse, Jigawa State, has been held without charge since security personnel, including police officers and members of the Department of State Service, detained him in response to a tweet accusing the president's wife, Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha, of overindulging on the money of the underprivileged Nigerians which made her fat.

Aminu's uncle, Shehu Azare, claimed that the victim's father, Mallam dámù, was not made aware of his detention until roughly five days after it occurred.

Azare pleaded with the First Lady to free Aminu, claiming that Aminu's father was unaware of his son's condition until he was informed by one of his friends after 5 days of disappearing from school.

A security guard gave him a phone and instructed him to call his parents. Later on, Adamu went into greater detail with me about how the school administration had called him and informed him that they had previously been unaware of the situation but are now aware of his arrest.

Azare stated that Aminu's family was confused by the scenario as he was due to take his final examinations at school when his whereabouts were unknown.

The spokesperson for the Federal University Dutse, Abdullahi Bello, in a statement, said Aminu was trailed to Dutse where he was arrested.

AMINU AND AISHA How Aisha Buhari Ordered DSS to Beat Aminu Adamu over Twitter comment
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