How I borrowed Uyi Technical’s daughter N75m – A lender opens up

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A lender who gave Mrs. Lilian Omokhuale N75m loan has spoken out.

Speaking with Standard Gazette on Wednesday evening, the businessman, who didn’t want to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue, said he lent money to Lilian after learning she is the daughter of Uyi Technical Limited.

The businessman told SG that he was “confused” about how to recover his money following the death of his debtor.

Standard Gazette reported how Mrs. Omokhuale Nee Oloton committed suicide after being duped of over N300m by an alleged Nigerian residing in Germany.

Mrs. Lilian Omokhuale nee Omoruyi Oloton
Mrs. Lilian Omokhuale nee Omoruyi Oloton

According to The Gazette report, the mother of two had planned to set up an electronics business, and the millions she borrowed were supposed to make her dream business happen.

As there was no business in sight, Lilian scampered to more lenders for more money to pay off those she had collected money from.

On 8 October 2022, the daughter of a successful businessman in Benin City committed suicide by taking “sniper.”

Lilian’s father only knew of his daughter’s predicament a day before; before his intervention, Lilian took her own life.

The business told Standard Gazette, “I run a duly registered loan facility business in Benin city and have been giving loans to people to run their business without hindrance. I don’t know Lillian, but she came to my office in Benin city in July with a man she introduced as her manager and requested a loan of N50m.

“Upon inquiry, she told me she got a contact abroad, and the people want to supply her with some goods she will sell and make high profits. Because she said she was Uyi Technical’s daughter, I did not ask further questions.

“I then sold one of my properties to raise the requested N50m for her with monthly interest.”

The lender said Lilian returned in September to request N30m, but he could only lend N25m.

He lamented that “in September, again, she came back with more requests. This time, she requested N30m, but I was able to raise N25m additional loan, which I gave her. Both tranches of loans were paid into her bank account.

“I have the proof. So far, she has paid N6. 5m as interest. I only gave the loan to her because l believe in her father, who is very credible and a successful businessman that is widely respected.

“I never knew she was undergoing some financial problems and needed more money to resolve them.

“I waited patiently for the refund of the money but no way. I suddenly heard now that she had committed suicide. After her death, l heard she collected so many loans from different people.

“I pray for God to keep her soul. But l can’t imagine losing such an amount of money to what l thought l was using to help someone grow his business”.

Lilian’s death has thrown the family of Omoruyi Oloton into mourning for one week in Benin city. The remain of Mrs. Lillian Omokhuale nee Omoruyi Oloton is still in the mortuary awaiting autopsy and other es before burial.

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