How Microfinance Bank Staff Killed my Wife Because of N75,000 – Husband

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55-year-old dispatch rider, Herbert Omonkhegbele, has spoken out about the alleged killing of his wife, Vivian, by an employee of ZEFA microfinance bank in the Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State. The incident reportedly occurred over a debt of N75,000.

dispatch rider, Herbert Omonkhegbele

In an interview gathered by The Standard Gazette, Omonkhegbele shared details about his wife’s death and the events leading up to it.

Omonkhegbele, who currently works as a dispatch rider for a company in Lagos, explained that he used to be a machinist but had to find a new job when the company he worked for closed down in 2010. He also revealed that he had been involved in other occupations, such as iron bending and occasionally riding motorcycles (Okada) to support his family.

When asked about his wife’s occupation, Omonkhegbele stated that she was a petty trader who conducted her business activities from their home in Abule Ijoko, Ifo Local Government Area. He clarified that he was the owner of the house and had only rented out one shop.

Recalling the events leading to his wife’s death, Omonkhegbele explained that he had gone out with his wife and their youngest child on a Wednesday. He had some work to do at Mosa and had also planned to visit his daughter at the Lagos State Polytechnic.

However, he received a call from someone requesting his services at Mosa. While he was there, his wife left to return home. Shortly after, his daughter called him to inform him that officials from the microfinance bank he owed money to were at their house.

Omonkhegbele expressed surprise because he had visited the bank the previous week and promised to settle the debt, which they agreed to. To avoid trouble, he instructed his daughter, who worked as a Point of Sale (PoS) operator, to transfer N10,000 to the officials. However, upon his wife’s return, they demanded more money. Despite his wife’s plea and offering an additional N10,000, they rejected it.

ZEFA Bank Staff push debtor's wife to death

The distraught husband continued his narration, stating that the officials then took their newly purchased plasma TV from the sitting room. “They wanted more, so they removed my plasma TV in the sitting room because they knew it was new.”

During the altercation, one of the officials, described as a “fat man,” allegedly pushed his wife, leading to her falling and experiencing a headache. Omonkhegbele’s daughter and another woman in the compound tried to reason with the officials, but they dismissed the incident and left with the TV in their vehicle.

Upon receiving the news of his wife’s condition, Omonkhegbele rushed home and found her lying on the ground, complaining of a headache and requesting water. Concerned neighbours attempted to provide aid by fanning her and giving her some air. Realizing the severity of the situation, he sought help from a neighbour who brought his car. They transported his wife to a nearby hospital in Mosa.

At the hospital, Omonkhegbele paid N12,000 for initial treatment, and a drip was administered to his wife. However, after a while, the doctor informed him that they would refer his wife to the general hospital in Ota.

Surprisingly, the doctor changed his mind and advised them to take her home. It was at this point that Omonkhegbele’s wife’s brother revealed that she had passed away.

Inquiring about Omonkhegbele’s communication with the microfinance bank officials during this ordeal, he revealed that he and his daughter had called them while en route to the hospital, requesting their presence. However, the officials allegedly refused to intervene, stating it was not their concern.

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