How Nigerian Hospital Mistakingly Swapped Two Babies

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A Nigerian Twitter user described how his friend's kid was replaced with another newborn at a general hospital by mistake.

The nurses had taken the infant for cleaning when the mix-up occurred, according to him, because another family had just given birth.

Fortunately, the mistake was discovered quickly because the babies were of different genders, and the kids were restored to their original parents.

@Adahorlic wrote, "My friend's wife gave birth to a baby girl today in a general hospital, as usual, the nurses took the babies to clean, afterwards, the matron started calling each family by surname to come and take their babies.

They called a man and gave him a baby girl, he looked shocked and said that's not his child, that his scan showed a boy, the nurses were confused and called his name again.

Apparently, this man has the same surname as my friend, so my friends baby girl was given to him instead of his own baby boy. They have been begging us since. So I'm like, what if the both of them gave birth to girls. That's how this kind of thing will bring trouble later."

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