How Pantami hired Mercenaries to defend his Professorship - Kperogi

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The controversies regarding the conferment of a Professor to the Minister of Communications, Isa Pantami by the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) is yet to subside.

Farook Kperogi, a historian and public speaker has stated that it is immoral and fraudulent to apportion the title of a Professor to political office holders.

Isa Ali Pantami
Isa Ali Pantami

"Being a professor is a job, not a traditional title you give to vain politicians. Let him resign his ministerial position and relocate to FUTO to teach and research, Kperogi affirmed on his verified Twitter handle.

He alleged that the Minister has now hired individuals both within the country and in the Diaspora to defend his "fraudfessorship".

"He’s even reached out to mercenary, two-bit diasporan Nigerian professors. Some of them have already started writing obfuscatory justifications for Pantami’s fraud and others will soon follow. Pay them no heed. Or take note of them because they’re greedy, amoral hustlers who will down in history as defenders of academic fraud for financial gain.

According to him, for a serving minister to use money and political influence to coax a university into “appointing” him as a “professor” without performing the job of a professor, is unconscionable.

He stated that if Isa Pantami resigned his ministerial position, and return to FUTO to teach and research, the controversy would die a natural death.

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