How scammers defraud, rape 23-yr-old lady in Lagos

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Rotimi Fisher and Sherif Adebayo, two suspected scammers, are accused of defrauding a 23-year-old woman in Lagos State's Ipaja neighborhood.

In addition, the woman was allegedly lured by the accused to an unfinished structure on Majiyagbe Street in Ipaja, where Adebayo allegedly sexually assaulted her.

When Fisher approached the victim to ask for assistance finding an address, she was en route to a location in Iyana Ipaja.

The suspect allegedly pretended to be a foreign businessman to the victim and informed him that he had come to Nigeria to deliver products to a client at the address and to get his unpaid bills.

After Fisher approached people for help to no avail, the young girl offered to help, but upon checking the address, she did not know the location, a source told the Punch.

Rotimi Fisher and Sherif Adebayo
The two suspects, Rotimi Fisher and Sherif Adebayo

“But as the girl was trying to help Fisher, Adebayo suddenly came as a neutral person and offered to assist Fisher, whereas they were working together. Adebayo said the address was fake but started motivating the girl on the need for them to help Fisher.

“Fisher, while lamenting being stranded, claimed that he had some papers that could be converted to plenty of money but told Adebayo and the girl that he needed money to buy chemicals to convert the papers to money.

“Adebayo quickly dropped N60,000. The girl, who seemed convinced, gave Fisher her gold jewelry and N10,000 and also went to withdraw N65,000 from a nearby ATM and gave it to Fisher, who told Adebayo and the girl to take an oath not to reveal his secret to anyone.”

After taking the oath, it was learnt that Fisher gave them a location to meet him the next day. When they got there, the Ogun State indigene reportedly showed them the sack containing the money and told Adebayo and the girl that the spirit responsible for converting the papers to money was asking for human blood as sacrifice.

“Fisher said to prevent both of them from dying, they needed to have sex. He also used the oath they took to threaten them. So, the girl out of fear of dying, followed them to an uncompleted building around 9pm on Majiyagbe Street, Ipaja, where Adebayo had sex with her.”

The young woman left the unfinished structure and went to the police station in Ipaja to report the incident for inquiry. Fisher and Adebayo were purportedly captured by the police on September 16, 2022, in their hideouts in Ipaja after a two-week sting operation supervised by CSP Tokunbo Abaniwonda, the Ipaja Divisional Police Officer.

The case has been postponed until October 17th, and the accused have been kept behind bars.

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