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Husband begs victim’s family after flogs teacher to death in Anambra

The husband to the woman who allegedly flogged a teacher, Rita Makachi to death in a Secondary school in Ogidi, Anambra state has pleaded with the family of the deceased to forgive the wife over her actions.
He blamed the devil for ‘setting the trap’ which both the wife and the daughter fell into, saying he (devil) could not have succeeded if he was around when the incident happened.
The suspect, (Chinaza’s mum) had allegedly flogged the school teacher with a stick which led to her death after the daughter reported to her of how she was flogged by her teacher for not sweeping the classroom.
Speaking to newsmen in his Ogidi residence, the man (name withheld), said the wife had since shown remorse for her actions, adding that he had reprimanded her daughter for pushing the wife into such unwholesome attitude.
“I condemn completely the action of my wife, which she is presently regretting. I plead with the deceased family to forgive her.
“The devil set a trap and she fell in through her daughter. If I were to be at home that fateful day when my daughter came reporting, I would have sent her back.
“A child should be reprimanded for her wrong doings. The teachers are there to train them for the good of the society. If today’s children are left unchecked, they would constitute a burden to the society tomorrow,” he said.
The man who said he could not afford the money demanded for the autopsy, however thanked the police for releasing the daughter on age grounds, expressed hope that she would appreciate life better as she developed.