I dumped a man because I saw his mother selling Ugwu while he lives in Lekki

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A Nigerian woman on Twitter @ruleyourspace described how she dumped her lover because his mother sells vegetables in Ejigbo market, despite his residing in Lekki.

Her ex-parents fiancé's, she claims, resided in an unfinished house in Ejigbo while he lived largely in Lekki, buying drinks for strangers and lavishing millions on his pals.

She revealed that she dumped him after he took her to visit his parents in Ejigbo, and she observed their living conditions.

"I Called off a wedding with my ex some years ago because he took me to visit his parents at Ejigbo. The dude lived in Lekki. Buys drinks for total strangers & spends millions for friends, but your mum still sells ugwu by the roadside? Uncompleted zinc house. Take care of your parents.

"This man told me that he was working on some things and will do the needful. Some of my friends were like, how is it your business but my mum supported me with her full chest. It was not easy because God was there until I met my hubby today; see the way they care for their.

"Mum, e dey sweet me die. My mum is late now, and my mother-in-law is such a sweet soul. The children and grandchildren love her too much. Ladies, a man that does not care for his parents should not be entering your eyes. If he does not love his mum, chances are you will be treated.

"The same way when he tires of you. And for those who call this a lie, you should check yourselves o. Are you saying Nigerian women can not call off a wedding if they notice some irredeemable character in the man?

"Take care of your parents," she concluded.

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