‘I’m not happy’ – Pete Edochie says on his 76th birthday

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Pete Edochie, a prominent figure in the Nigerian movie industry, has expressed his unhappiness on his 76th birthday. In a post on his Instagram page, he cited a number of reasons for his dissatisfaction.

Veteran Nollywood Actor, Pete Edochie

Despite thanking God for bringing him this far in life, Edochie revealed that he was unable to access his own money at the bank due to certain restrictions.

He also lamented the difficulty he faced in purchasing fuel for his car at the filling station. Additionally, he bemoaned the current state of electricity, which he described as “epileptic” and worsening by the day.

Edochie, who has been a vocal critic of Nigeria’s political system, also expressed his frustration with the electoral process. He claimed that the elections were nothing more than a “selection” and that he was unable to find any satisfactory explanations for this.

In his own words, he stated: “I said to myself, ‘Pete, it must be for your own good’.” Despite his disappointment, Edochie remains a respected figure in the entertainment industry and a voice for change in Nigeria.

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