Immigration woes for Nigerians and Kenyans worsens as fake agencies defraud many

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Nigerians and Kenyans seeking to migrate to the US and Canada are facing numerous challenges.

The number of fraudulent immigration agencies promising a quick path to immigration has increased significantly, leading to many people falling prey to their schemes.

Immigration Fraud
Immigration Fraud

Reports indicate that many of these fraudulent agencies target individuals who are desperate to leave their home countries in search of a better life.

They offer assistance with immigration paperwork and often promise to provide job offers, accommodation and other perks that seem too good to be true.

Unfortunately, many unsuspecting victims have paid exorbitant fees to these agencies, only to find out that their promises were empty. Some of these victims have ended up stranded in foreign countries without any support or recourse to recover their funds.

It is important for individuals seeking immigration assistance to be cautious and vigilant when dealing with these agencies. One key aspect to consider is to only use authorized immigration consultants or lawyers.

In Canada, the government has set up a regulatory body known as the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) to protect consumers from fraudulent immigration consultants. The ICCRC provides a list of authorized immigration consultants on their website, which individuals can use as a guide when seeking assistance with immigration paperwork.

According to a statement by the Canadian government, “Canada is looking for individuals who are well-educated, proficient in English or French, have relevant work experience and possess skills that will contribute to the Canadian economy.”

It is important for individuals seeking to migrate to Canada to thoroughly research the country’s immigration policies and ensure they meet the necessary criteria. This will help them to avoid falling prey to fraudulent agencies.

One example of a fraudulent migration agency in Nigeria is Flyborder. This agency promised its clients that it could secure their visas to Canada and Europe within a few weeks. However, the agency was found to be fraudulent, and many of its clients lost significant amounts of money.

Similarly, in Kenya, the International Agency for Migration (IAM) was found to be fraudulent. This agency promised its clients jobs and visas to countries such as Canada and the United States. However, it was discovered that the agency had no connection to any immigration authorities and was simply defrauding its clients.

In another case, a Nigerian woman identified as Mrs Chika Augustine fell victim to a fraudulent immigration agency in her quest to migrate to Canada. She paid the agency over N2.5 million ($6,500 USD) for assistance with her immigration paperwork and securing a job offer in Canada. However, after months of waiting, she was unable to travel and discovered that the agency had vanished with her money.

Speaking to Olumide Oyekunle of The Standard Gazette, Mrs. Augustine said, “I was desperate to leave Nigeria and start a new life in Canada. I thought this agency was genuine, but I was wrong. They took my money and disappeared, leaving me stranded.”

These cases illustrate the devastating impact that fraudulent migration agencies can have on individuals seeking to migrate to other countries. It is essential for individuals to do thorough research before engaging the services of any immigration agency and to only deal with authorized immigration consultants or lawyers.

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