Inside 'Abroad House' in Lagos where Renters Travel Abroad From There

For many Nigerians trying to get out of the country, they might want to fancy renting an apartment at "abroad house" along with Yetunde Brown, Gbagada, Lagos.

It's not a myth, but it is unexplainable how those who have rented apartments in that house have traveled overseas. Perhaps, this was the reason for the name tag.

Inside 'Abroad House' In Lagos Where Renters Travel Abroad From There
Inside 'Abroad House' In Lagos Where Renters Travel Abroad From There

The latest beneficiary of this abroad phenomenon had moved into one of the apartment in 2020 and had informed his friend, Alex Oluwatoba @lobaloba that he was moving in so he could also travel abroad.

In a tweet, Alex recalled how he laughed at the folly of his friend in attaching a house to the eventuality of traveling outside the country. That to him was laughable. Some Nigerians in fact, do believe in the myth that there are rented apartments that would automatically spell doom, backwardness and disaster for occupants.

Just as the two worlds of good and evil exist, "abroad house" seemed to have disappointed doubting Alex, the tweet reads, "I actually didn't believe in shits like that", He traveled last week Thursday to Norway. He called today to update me about it. I asked if I could move in. He said "Haa... I don give the apartment to my bro and my cousin, I want all my family to live that country."

In trying to jokingly get back at his friend, the Abroad House beneficiary from Norway told Alex, "I'm sorry bro, abi you will move in with them?" He said and started laughing hysterically."

If you're not a doubting Alex, you might want to increase your chances of traveling abroad by renting an apartment at Abroad House. Call it a myth if you like, you may want to try Village Peoples House too, at least, it could take you from there to meet with your village people.

Who wants Abroad House? I do.

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