APC Crisis: Dangote Doesn’t Vote In Edo – Barr Idahagbon Reacts To Obaseki’s Meeting With Oshiomhole



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By Ehi Ekhator

In this interview, the immediate past Attorney-General and Commission for Justice in Edo State, Barrister Henry Idahagbon reacts to the consequences of the state governor, Godwin Obaseki’s continuous aloofness.

He talks with NAIJA CENTER NEWS about the intervention of the Richest man in Africa Alico Dangote in the cold war between the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress Adams Oshiomhole and Godwin Obaseki.

Henry Idahiagbon, Edo State Attorney General
Henry Idahiagbon, Edo State Attorney General

According to the former Commissioner, Dangote’s intervention has little or no effect on the decision of the aggrieved members of the party, adding that he doesn’t vote in Edo State.

Read excerpt below:

The situation with the governor of Edo State, do you think he will triumph?

I’m not clairvoyant. So, I can’t predict the outcome. But one thing is certain he has stepped on very many political toes with his aloofness in the state. His calling politicians thieves and liars have not helped matters. Don’t forget that he became Governor with less than 60,000 votes. Those of us in the EPM has the capacity to mobilize thrice that number.

It is reported that Dangote has intervened in the crisis between Obaseki and Oshiomhole, what does this mean for the call to unseat him?

Dangote, yes he’s the richest man in Africa but doesn’t vote in Edo and has no influence whatsoever, politically speaking that is. To us, that’s a non-issue. He doesn’t vote here. Let’s concern ourselves to the Edo voter.

So, what is the situation now? Is he still in the hot chair now that he has reached out to apologise to the former governor?

Hmm. Still early days. This has gone beyond the person of the National Chairman. Tinubu was prepared to forgive Ambode but Tinubu’s group, the mandate refused. Where’s Ambode today? He’s now Ambolo. He’s gone!

But if the former governor calls everyone to sheath their sword, what they?

It depends on the governor. Did Tinubu’s men sheath their sword when he asked them to do so? They didn’t because Ambode had fouled so badly the political air.

Will Obaseki meet similar faith or the group will listen to Oshiomhole?

Very many people are ready to defy Oshiomhole and Ambodenize him. The choice of what befalls him henceforth is his to make. Reach out to the party leaders and apologise for the shabby treatment he has meted out on them these past years. You never know, they may forgive him.

Would you say this call for his thrown was a result of his disrespect for the former governor and not necessarily his utterances to state party leaders?

His attitude to Oshiomhole is but of little consequences here. The problem is his unrelenting demonization of the political class as greedy and angling for the state resources. His shutting the doors to his governance and even party affairs to the political class. These actions certainly will attract consequences.

When he repeatedly said the time of sharing money is over, as Oshiomhole economic strategist, do you think he was speaking from information available to him or that was an unnecessary witch hunt?

He was being mischievous! Did Oshiomhole share money? Hell no. But he patronized party leaders with a petty contract like school renovation jobs. He was a good mixer, an extrovert and an engaging personality. This is in contradistinction to Obaseki who taciturn and not a good mixer. He’s an introvert. Look at the very successful politicians in our history. They are good mixers with sound interpersonal skills.

How will you describe his administration so far?

Mixed grill. Average performance monumental failure managing the party.

Which areas do you think he has performed and areas he hasn’t touched at all?

He has done the inner city roads. Only 3 major roads so far, no wit: Iyekogba housing estate Road, TV road and Lucky Way. All others are 100 meters of road. Completion of secretariat building and additional court rooms. Apart from the training of teachers at the prohibitive cost of N1.5m per teacher, nothing done in the field of education. He liquidated 2 higher institutions in the South, Collect of Agriculture and the University of Education Ekiadolor. F grade in the health sector. The Seaport and the industrial park are still in the pipeline. A+ in the signing of MoUs.

If you were to have an audience with him, what advice will you give?

He doesn’t take advice. He’s all knowing!

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