Why Edo People Want Me As Governor – Amb Osarodion Osagie

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A US-based Edo man, Ambassador Osarodion Osagie talks on his ambition to be the next governor of Edo State. He speaks with NAIJA CENTER on his plans to better Edo people and his planned policies.

Osagie who is planning to run for the 2020 governorship election in Edo State said he will contest on the platform of the African Action Congress (AAC).

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How long have you been nursing the idea to run for the governorship election?

I didn’t set out with the intention of running for any political position until late last year when I made up my mind after so much pressure, request and appeal from the people we have affected their lives positively home and Diaspora that running for office will furthermore enhance our work to providing the basic necessity to the needy.

Ambassador Osarodion Osagie
Ambassador Osarodion Osagie

Running for office requires a great deal of finance, how do you intend to raise the fund and on what political platform?

We have a good amount of finance saved up for the race but we will also deploy the western way of politics where people can come together for the purpose of fundraising and endorsements to achieve the common goal of good governance. I will be running under the platform of African Action Congress (AAC) which is the only party in Nigeria not currently infected by Coronavirus.

The party chaired by Omoyele Sowore? he was sacked by the party last time, is the internal crisis resolved?

The party has no crisis just the individual

I have many great intentions. Our major priority will be power. We are already talking with investors in Brazil, Indian and South Korea. We will then focus on human capital development, education will be made free in all school, there will be soft loans for small business start-up, security

You have mentioned a few priorities, are there other things we are expecting from your government?

1. Electricity,

2. Cultism

3. Decline in sport and entertainment

4. Infrastructure

5. Failing education standard

6. Security.

7. Tourism

I will bring the people close to the government.

How do you intend to achieve this? what do you also mean by a decline in sport and entertainment?

We will seek Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in moving the state forward, over the years individuals are not carried along in Governance. We are going to change the narrative.

There is a major decline in sport, young people are not given a fair chance to reach their full potential. We currently run a sports program Gosport that has been effective for 5 years and we can do more.

Why should Edo people believe you? What makes you different from others who had promised similar opportunities in the past?

EDO people already believe in me, over the last 9 years I have shown consistency in providing resources to our people and uplifting so many families from poverty with our humanitarian works. The difference between me and them is that they have no history of service to humanity before gaining office. I do.

How would you describe the administration of Godwin Obaseki?

Failed Government that could not achieve even 25% of their campaign promises. 200K jobs but created only 5000 in 4 years, Gelegele seaport dead on arrival, youth empowerment zero, transport zero, Central Park in Benin could not finish in 4 years.

Let’s talk about women. How do you intend to include women in your government?

From our research, we found out that women are the bedrock of Edo State, not men or youths. They work day and night to take care of their homes. Most women are the ones carrying the responsibility of most of their unemployed husbands. They are seen in market places and on the streets hawking to make ends meet. We will create a Government that will give women a vital chance to be a part of nation-building because they naturally care.

How do you intend to do this?

There are various ways we can reach out to women. The educated ones will be given a platform to harness their dream by giving them a low-interest loan to set up small businesses that will directly employ vulnerable young people. The uneducated one will be sent to skill acquisition or business training in our Edo State skills acquisition centre that will be a 3 to 4 months program, we shall then empower them to stand on their own.

How do you describe the incident between you and your wife sometimes ago? You assaulted your wife for challenging you, according to the video you released on your platform. Why will Edo people elect a woman beater as their governor?

I am fully aware that my last will come up and I am not one to shy away from it. The tag “woman beater” is wrong in this sense as it was a misunderstanding between me and my wife that has long been resolved. Every relationship has its ups and downs but do I regret hitting her? Yes, I do! Has my experience made me a better man? Certainly! I am a flawed man like any other, passionate about the betterment of Edo and I believe that I have what it takes to move Edo forward especially with the support of my lovely wife.

How do you expect them to trust you if you beat your wife for challenging you? As a politician, you are going to be challenged daily, particularly from the opposition and some Edo people who might find your policy unfriendly, why will Edo people trust you as a democrat when you beat your wife for daring you?

Everyone has a past, a good or a bad one, but our present determine our future. Edo people will trust me to be their governor because I have proven beyond any doubt my commitment and passion towards their betterment. My flaws and mistakes do not define me and it simply makes me more human and not the other way around.

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