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Jonathan approves N4bn for power transmission

President Goodluck JonathanThe Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, said despite the completion of privatisation of the power sector, President Goodluck Jonathan has also approved the sum of N4bn to improve power transmission network across the country.

Speaking at the official opening of a new transmission sub-station in Ibadan on Friday, Nebo said the injection of the sum would have a national transformation impact on electricity supply.

He said, “It is only when the national grid becomes more reliable and efficient that power will go round Nigeria and that is why the President is showing a lot of concern to ensure that the new arrangement with the new distribution and generation companies works. This is in addition to the fact that the government ensured that the companies inherited an atmosphere conducive enough for operation so that they can achieve the target of the FG.”

Nebo pointed out the negative impact of vandalism on power distribution, adding that government had stepped up effort to put an end to activities of vandals in Nigeria and send away those who build on power gas line.

He said, “We have brought in all security operative to protect the stations. We are also using digital ways of monitoring all the facilities to make sure that wherever there is infraction, security men will be deplored to the area immediately.

“There will be improvement in power supply when the generation facilities are improved on and when we recover the pipeline areas where people have gone to build on. We will also improve when we have more gas going to the power station. By the middle of next year, power supply stability will be achieved.”

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