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Jonathan didn’t provide jet to fly Asari-Dokubo, says Abati

By Ehi Ekhator

Asari Dokubo

Dr. Reuben Abati, the special Adviser to the President has debunked the speculation that President Jonathan provided a private jet to fly Asari-Dokubo to Abua after he was released by Benin Republic government

According to  Dr Abati said “There is no truth in the report that a presidential jet was used to convey Asari Dokubo. Again, what we see here is the attempt by people to just tell lies and try to package lies as the truth.

“I have read some reports in which they said “unconfirmed reports indicate..” Nobody has been able to say anything categorically and I think it is very sad that people, in an attempt to just play politics with anything at all, will start packaging lies hoping that gullible persons will believe them.

“An aircraft is not a ghost in the air. The movement of any aircraft is properly documented and people will see the aircraft if it lands anywhere, particularly the presidential aircraft.

“Nobody can come up with any evidence that any presidential jet was sent to Benin Republic. I can tell you that President Jonathan did not send any presidential jet to Benin Republic.

“Or has Asari Dokubo told anybody that he was brought to Nigeria in a presidential jet? So what is this all about? Blackmail and mischief obviously” he said.


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