Kenyan Senator faces alleged attempted rape accusations

Kenyan Senator Mithika Linturi has rushed to court seeking an order to prevent the police from arresting and charging him with an alleged rape offence and indecent act with an adult.

The Meru Senator claimed that he is not aware of the offences.

He is accused of sneaking into a couple’s room at a resort in Nanyuki in central Kenya on January 29, 2021.

The police report indicated that a woman had dislodged a complaint that she retired to their room on a fateful day but did not lock the door since her husband was still out with his friends.

Later, the door was unlocked since the lights were switched off, she assumed it was her husband, and the person got into her bed and started touching her in a very unusual manner.

After thirty minutes, she heard a knock on the door and went to open the door only to find her husband standing at the door, prompting her to switch on the lights since she was confused about who was in her bed, whom she thought was her husband.

On switching on lights, she realized a stranger in their bed forced her husband to raise the alarm.

The couple’s friends who were residing in the hotel identified the stranger as Senator Linturi.

It was established that the Senator was a guest at a resort adjacent to the couple.

The complainant alleged that Linturi tried to settle the matter by giving them $2000 in cash and $8000 in a cheque, only to report them to the police as extortionists.

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