Kuje Prison Attack: Why It is an Insider Job, Ahmed Lawan

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Nigeria's Senate President has described the attack on the correctional facility, kuje in the FCT as worrisome and called for a probe. He stated this when he visited the facility on Thursday. According to him, a probe into the incident, according to Lawan, should concentrate on whether insiders were engaged in the attack.

He noted that going from one cell to another to release prisoners, in particular those who are recognized as insurgents, reveals a lot of information. Someone who either works here or must have worked here could be the target of an insider attack, the lawmaker suggested.

Ahmed Lawan said he believes that the FG need to dig more into what occurred in order to identify the guilty, as there ought to be consequences when things like this happen. People who have been given responsibility for a task but fail to complete it effectively should be made to accept accountability.

He concluded that the fact that hardened criminals were released into the FCT, which is Nigeria's seat of power is a terrible situation and doesn't allow for peace of mind.

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