Lady's Mic Cut Off In Church After Giving Testimony About 'Stealing' Bracelet

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While testifying in church about how God miraculously replaced her misplaced bracelet, a lady's microphone was abruptly cut off.

The lady stated she misplaced her bracelet and luckily found another bracelet on the floor, which she picked up and turned to hers, according to a Twitter user named Iganya, who told the story on her handle.

The lady claimed she picked up the bracelet she discovered on the floor because she had been praying to God for a wealth transfer.

However, before she could continue, the preacher quickly cut off her microphone.

The Twitter user described the incident this way: "Just remembered that on Sunday at church, one woman came out and gave a testimony that she lost her bracelet and found another on the floor and picked it cos she's been believing God for a transfer of wealth. Anyways, they cut off her mic. Glad they did cos that's a thief."

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