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Lagos government warns ‘adamant’ Okada riders over traffic law

Lagos State government has called on commercial motorcyclists, popularly known as Okada, to obey the Road Traffic Law 2012 on all restricted routes.

Commissioner for Transportation, Comrade Kayode Opeifa said it is highly important for motorcycle operators to obey the Road Traffic Law in order for government to ensure the safety and security of the people.

Opeifa, who lamented the flagrant disobedience of the Road Traffic Law by motorcycle operators, said in spite of the stakeholders engagements, public enlightenment and advocacy embarked upon by the government to educate motorcycle associations both legal and otherwise, on the provisions of the Law and the need for voluntary compliance, some motorcycle operators still ply restricted and unrestricted routes with impunity.

Opeifa reminded motorcycle operators that Section 3 sub sections 3 and 4 stipulate that no person shall operate a motorcycle either as a rider or a passenger without wearing a standard protective crash helmet and that no motorcycle operator shall carry more than one passenger at a time or a pregnant woman, a child below the age of 12 or an adult with a baby on her back.

He warned motorcycle operators who ply unrestricted routes without the proper registration of motorcycles, to desist from such unlawful act as both rider and passenger would be made to face the law.

Opeifa appealed to Nigeria Police, the military and other law enforcement Agents to carry out their duties diligently while enforcing the Road Traffic Law adding that Lagosians rely on them for their safety, security and enforcement of the Law.

The Commissioner implored anyone who feels aggrieved to contact the Ministry of Transportation through text message on the following GSM Numbers- 08174616936, 08075005411 or Lagos State Ministry of Justice (Office of the Public Defender) on 07080601080 toll free, 018975571. He said that such complainant may also send an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected]

It will be recalled that Governor Babatunde Raji Fasola signed the Lagos Road Traffic Law 2012 on August 2 last year. The law restricted motorcycle operations on 475 roads including bridges and highways out of 9,100 roads in the state.

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