Lawyer wears priest robe to court, Judge suspends hearing

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A lawyer who entered the courtroom disguised as a Christian preacher caused a scene at a magistrates' court in Anambra on Thursday.

The court's business was progressing without incident when a case was scheduled for hearing. Lawyer Ogbachalu Goshen reportedly came out dressed as a priest and introduced himself as the defense's attorney.

Goshen cannot enter the courthouse dressed differently than what the profession requires, according to CB Mbaegbu, the magistrate.

The attorney reportedly opposed, citing a recent supreme court decision that allows the wearing of the hijab in Lagos schools.

As the back and forth argument continued, the magistrate allegedly decided not to hear the lawyer's case.

The court's proceedings apparently came to an abrupt halt as Mbaegbu reportedly stood up and departed the chamber.

A similar instance occurred recently in Lagos when Tijani Ringim, a federal high court judge, declined to hear Malcolm Omirhobo's cases because he showed up to the hearing dressed as a "juju priest."

Omirhobo cited the Supreme Court's decision upholding the wearing of the hijab in schools as the basis for his choice, which he claimed to be a fundamental right.

A Lagos high court banned the hijab in schools in October 2014, but that judgment was overturned by an appeals court in July 2016.

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