Lawyers Lament As Negligence, Errors At Corporate Affairs Commission Hits Hard

The Federal Government’s commitment towards the ease of doing business may just become another big sham and fable as many lawyers and business owners decry the negligence, and utter disarray the Commission is.

Lawyers say they are losing clients and money as the government agency often do not get files processed as when due.

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A lawyer, Victoria Ezeigwe who could not hide her feelings about the height of horrible, slow and inaccessible communication channels and service delivery told Standard Gazette “The situation in CAC is becoming something else and it gets worse by the day, especially with respect to Post incorporation services. This has caused me to lose clients on several different occasions.

Firstly, a client of mine needed to retrieve some documents from their company file with CAC, and through a colleague that’s based in Abuja, I made the necessary payment and was told that the work will be ready within 48hours. But even after 2weeks, I couldn’t get the needed documents until the client finally debrief me and I had to repay the money from my pocket.”

The second case is actually still pending, around May last year 2020, another client briefs me to help them with the constitutional amendment of their NGO and also the change of some of their incorporated Trustees. We have made all the necessary payments and submitted the necessary documents, but I tell you that to this day, I have not gotten any response on this job.

My colleague in Abuja who I outsourced the job to keep saying that there’s nothing he can do, that CAC is unable to give me any information on the job. He was told that the documents have been dispersed to a courier company and that we should wait until the courier company contacts us.

There’s even no way to know which courier company that one’s documents are given to.

This is a brief that I was given for close to 8months now. I can’t even begin to tell you how my clients are feeling right now, because their initial documents were retrieved, so for this long they’ve been stagnated.

Please I will appreciate it if you can help forward this message to the appropriate quarters and let it get the urgent attention it deserves. Am sure so many lawyers are equally suffering a similar fate.

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