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Looting, Stealing And Greed By Leaders In Lagos Too Humongous – Bode George

  • says Tinubu acquires too much at the detriment of Lagosians

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Bode George has described the recent anger and protests by the #EndSARS Protesters as demonstrations against greed and extensive looting by government officials in Lagos. 

Chief George noted that former governor of Lagos and national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC Bola Tinubu of acquiring too much wealth at the detriment of the people. 

The retired naval officer stated this in an interview on Friday monitored by our correspondent. 

“I said at the beginning of my conversation that this is not a partisanship. Our youths the future leaders of Nigeria came out. It started with the #EndSARS, before you knew it, it got the attention of many Nigerians.

” When I listened to the content, commitment and the bravery of these future leaders, it encouraged me. In any situation like this when you have a crisis, there are things you call the pre causes, pee immediate causes and then of course what the future would hold.

“Unfortunately now, we don’t teach history now in our schools. And things like these have happened before and the essence of history is to prevent a reoccurrence and avoid the pitfalls of the past. When I look deep into it, the fact I called you that this has nothing to do with politics. 

“I spoke to the PDP governor in Oyo state, Seyi Makinde that he should link up with the governor of Lagos that there are certain lapses that must be corrected.

Those people arrested or killed, did they put anything on their head to identify them as PDP or APC members? So, going to the depth of it, that was why I said the youths have graduated, no job and they are always harrassed by members of SARS.

“But there are still some underlining issues that were agitating their minds. Lack of unemployment, the stupendous amount rake in through these toll gates. Who controls these toll gates? The humongous amount collected on a daily basis.There is too much stealing, cyoi much corruption and looting in the system in Lagos state. You have the Falomo shopping mall that wast built by Mobolaji Johnson it has been turned to the horse stable for Bola Tinubu’s son Seyi Tinubu. What kind of madness is that? “

George, a former Chairman of the Board of the Nigerian Port Authority, NPA also slammed Tinubu for planting his family members everywhere. 

“These are our heritage. These are the suites. I am in my mid 70s, what am I afraid of? The greed is too much, it is terrible, it is humongou and it’s unacceptable. Alpha Beta owned by Bola Tinubu is collecting huge amount in Lagos for doing the job of tax collecting in the state. His daughter, Sade Tinubu is the Iyaloja of Lagos without owning a shop, store or any market experience. . 

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