Man axes wife and two children to death after praying and falling into Trance

A 30-year old man has was reported to have murdered his wife and two children using an axe after he fell into a trance while praying with his family.

The bizarre incident occurred in the Woodlands suburb of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, on Tuesday.

Leo Kanyimoto

Leo Kanyimoto was said to be praying with his wife, who is in her 20’s, and other family members, for the deliverance of one of his children, who, he claimed, was possessed when he suddenly became violent.

Kanyimo is an ardent Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) member.

One of the neighbours, Charles Ngazi, said: “We knew him as a prayerful man and yesterday he said they were fasting and praying for one of their children whom he said was possessed by some evil spirits”

“As they were praying in their house, we suddenly heard some screams and when we dashed to the scene, we realised that he was axing his family.”

The body of Kanyimo’s wife was seen lay down on a bed in the house, while the body of one of the children was on the floor, according to Zimbabwe’s Chronicle reported.

The second child’s body was laid in the middle of the road covered in a blanket, while the couple’s other child escaped the killing. The suspect has since been arrested police authorities in Zimbabwe.

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