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Man Dies Mysteriously After Police Called To The Scene In London

A man died mysteriously in Cundy Road, N16, after London Police was called to the scene.

Man Dies Mysteriously After Police Called To The Scene In London

Officers were called to the area at about 7:15hr on Wednesday, 31st July to report a man in the middle of the road assaulting people.

According to the report, the same man was seen walking off towards Prince Regents Lane.

Later, the man was reported to be acting irrationally, throwing himself on passing vehicles and confronting council workers.

When the police arrived, the man was running towards the Excel Centre where he was restrained by security staff.

The man suddenly became unresponsiive after he was placed in handcuffs.

An effort to revive him, according to the police, proved abortive. First aid and London Ambulance were immediately called.

The man believed to be 37-year-old was rushed to the nearest east London Hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after.

The circumstances behind his death were unclear at the time of filing this report, however, the police were planning to inform his next of kin.

A staff of the Excel security staff was being treated for a bite injury inflicted by the man, at the hospital

Two forensic scenes are in place, at Prince Regents Lane and the Excel Centre.

As is routine, the Directorate of Professional Standards was informed.