Mummy G.O. chills in Dubai: Reno Omokri reacts, gives reasons for religious dogma in Africa

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Reno Omokri, a former presidential adviser and social media analyst, has reacted to a video of Mummy G.O., an online viral star, proudly showing off her luxury property in Dubai.

After her controversial sermon recordings went viral, the “clergywoman,” whose real name is Funmilayo Adebayo, became an internet phenomenon.

She had always claimed people would go to hell for issues such as break dancing, use of earrings and jewelry, becoming a football star or allowing children to choose football as a career, using some perfumes and so on.

A video of her having the time of her life in Dubai was recently uploaded online, eliciting a variety of responses.

Reno responded by posting on his Instagram profile that religion thrives in Nigeria because of poverty and suffering.

He claims that travelling outside of Nigeria will allow him to rid his mind of the wrong teachings and delusions he learned there.

“That Mommy G.O. video in Dubai where she was excited like a teenager vindicates what I said last year. Religion thrives in Nigeria because of suffering.

When you relocate abroad, those things you fast and pray for now seem so elementary, and your mind is able to be free of the religious delusions that previously held you in bondage! Who would ever have believed that Mummy G.O. will be prancing around a hotel suite in a bathing robe and showing off, like a #BBNaija housemate?

The old Mummy G.O. would have declared such ‘worldly’ behaviour as a ticket straight to hell. Enjoy Dubai Funmi, but make sure you avoid hell,” he concluded.

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