Murderers of 'Aunty Mary' at Hon. Igba's house arrested in Edo

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  • police release hon. igbas after former helper arrested for murder
  • Atiku from Kano machetes aunty mary to death at Hon. Igba's house in Edo

Two suspects, alleged to have murdered a domestic worker at a lawmaker's residence in Uromi, Esan North-East local government, have been arrested.

Atiku Yohanna and Obed Sai killed a domestic worker identified as 'aunty Mary' at the residence of a former member of the Edo State House of Assembly, Hon. MD Igbas.

Standard Gazette's correspondent, Festus Alenkhe, gathered that earlier this year, Atiku, a Kano indigen, worked for the lawmaker who represented Esan North-East constituencies.

SG learned that Atiku left the job and went into Uromi Town for other odds jobs.

However, he had kept watch at the former lawmaker's house and arranged with his accomplice, Obed Sai, to burgle the house.

Atiku Yohanna and Obed Sai: Murderers of 'Aunty Mary' at Hon. Igba's house arrested
Atiku Yohanna and Obed Sai

The burglars turned murderers stormed the house a week ago when they learned that Hon. Igbas was out of town.

Standard Gazette learned that the suspects who rode on a motorcycle to the house forced their way into the various rooms and ransacked all parts, looking for valuables.

"Aunty Mary" walked in on them and immediately identified Atiku and raised the alarm.

Unfortunately, SG learned that the duo attacked Mary with a machete killing her on the spot, then dragged her lifeless body inside a cupboard before fleeing the scene.

The incident led to an outrage in the locality as many accused Hon. Igbas, which led to his arrest a few days ago.

According to Standard Gazette findings, Igbas was detained at the state Police headquarters for four days as the police continued their investigations.

Luck came to Hon. Igbas way a few days ago after police intercepted and arrested Atiku Yohanna and Obed Sai in Uromi on suspicion of killing the domestic worker.

The arrest of the suspects who later confessed how they allegedly murdered the woman led to the release of Hon Igbas, who has since rejoined his family.

The suspects narrate how they carried out the alleged murder. According to Yohanna, "I worked in the house as a security guard for some months and left to be riding a motorcycle.

"I needed money and told my friend to join me to attack the house so we could get money to send to my state, Kano."

He added, "After we finished from the house, we saw anty Mary who shouted my name. I told my other colleague that we should just kill her.

"We used cutlass to cut her neck and head three times before she died. I am ashamed now after my arrest".

Contacted, Edo State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Bello Kontongs, said the two suspects would be thoroughly investigated to ascertain if they have carried out a similar crime in other parts of Edo state.

The Police PPRO said, "I can assure you that the two suspects will be charged to court for murder."

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