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NCC Fines MTN N90m

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has asked MTN to pay N90 million fine, about $500,000, for non compliance with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Mr Tony Ojobo, the Director Public Affairs of the commission, while briefing newsmen on Friday in Abuja, said the network provider had failed to meet the standard KPIs set for service providers by the commission.

He said that in 2012, it was agreed with service provid

MTN:sanctioned by NCC

ers that there would not be any sanction till after six months when the commission would have carried out its drive test. Ojobo explained that the drive test was to enable the commission to read if the operators were complying with the indicators.

“In Dec. 2012, NCC carried out the drive test and it was discovered that MTN did not meet the compliance of the KPIs and therefore we have to sanction the service provider.’’

He assured that the MTN would pay N90 million for failing to meet the KPIs as set by the commission, adding that all other outstanding fines had been paid.

Ojobo said that Etisalat, Globacom and Airtel met the set standard except the MTN, saying that the commission had given the service provider up to April 3, to pay up the fine.

The director also said that the earlier date fixed for the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) launch in March 25, would not be possible due to the fact that the equipment were undergoing final testing.

“MNP operator are ready and set, they are just fine tuning their equipment for final testing which will affect the target date. The operators request for additional three weeks to complete testing. The MNP launch hopefully will now take place April 4.’’

Ojobo said that the commission had started an awareness campaign on various media organisations adding, “there is the need for the public to know the essence and the benefits of MNP and how to access it.’’

On the control emergency centres, he also said that the commission was finalising the test running of the two pilot emergency centres in Mina and Akwa, saying that the control emergency number for the country was 112.

Ojobo said that 18 other pilot emergency centres were still ongoing testing, saying that Mina would be controlling the North while Akwa would do same for the South.

“The commission will soon launch the two pilot emergency centres. What is delaying the launch are policy issues.’’

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