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A Nigeria, Ahmed Adamu Elected as New Chair of the Commonwealth Youth Council Leader

Ehi Ekhator, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Commonwealth youth leader, Ahmed Adamu
Commonwealth youth leader, Ahmed Adamu

A Nigerian, Ahmed Adamu has been elected as the new chair of the commonwealth youth leader in the commonwealth of nations presently going on in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

He is to represent and be the voice of more than 1.2 billion young youth of the commonwealth and provide a framework for youth-led development initiatives

National youth bodies across the 53 countries of the commonwealth have been campaigning to lead the Council over the past days in Hambantota, Sri Lanka.

Elected youth leader is expected to serve a two-year term until 2015, Council General Assembly which will be held in Mauritius in 2015.

Below are the names of the new executives of the Commonwealth Youth Council

Chairperson Ahmed Adamu (Nigeria)
Vice Chairperson – Policy, Advocacy and Projects Sudharshana Lakshmi (India)
Vice Chairperson – Partnerships and Resources Sadham Zarjahan (Sri Lanka)
Vice Chairperson – Inclusion and Engagement Mohamed Husni (Sri Lanka)
Regional Representative – Africa and Europe Kiziah Philbert (Kenya)
Regional Representative – Asia Tharika Dileepani (Sri Lanka)
Regional Representative – Caribbean and the Americas Royden Beharry (Grenada)
Regional Representative – Pacific Harry James (Solomon Islands)
Representative – Special Interest Groups Wathsala Samarakoon (Sri Lanka)

The formation of the Council was approved by Commonwealth Heads of Government in Perth, Australia, 2011.

This year’s Youth Forum are geared at straightening national and Commonwealth agendas on topics of interest to the youth under the theme “Inclusive Development – Stronger Together!

Expert presentations and policy working group sessions continued on the subthemes: gender equality, generating quality youth employment and reconciliation and social cohesion.

Barbara Kasumu from Elevations Network who spoke on youth employment said  “Vocational and technical training qualifications need to be valued  at the same level as traditional academic routes.  Education alone does not guarantee employment outcomes and more must be done to ensure that work experience is fully integrated into a young person’s learning experience.”

Also, Racheal Kalaba, a delegate from Zambia who attended the session expressed that she was impressed with the philosophy of the young speaker, Ravi Theja Muthu from India. Her words:  “I was very impressed with the philosophy of the young speaker Ravi Theja Muthu from India, who told us that if we can’t get out of the box that restricts our entrepreneurial endeavours, then we should destroy the box and think in new ways.”