Nigerian Governor Babagana Zulum Goes Undercover - See What He discovered

A Nigerian governor from the Northern part of Nigeria went undercover to investigate the massive corruption in a state hospital.

The Governor of Borno State, Professor Babagana Zulum, disguised his convoy and visited some Government healthcare centres unannounced on Thursday, 04 November 2021.

Zulum discovered that some of the doctors were collecting N8,000 to N10,000 from patients before seeing them.

In Borno States, health services are meant to be provided free of charge.

Babagana Umara Zulum
Babagana Umara Zulum

The Governor did not inform the State's Commissioner of Health, Mrs Juliana Bitrus, of his plans but invited her to join him in a 10-seater bus usually used for airport services.

The Governor left his office around 1:30 pm without any convoy and siren, leaving everyone surprised and wondering.

"Not even the Health Commissioner knew the Governor's plan," According to Issa Gusau, the Governor's spokesperson.

"Zulum headed straight to the newly established and fully equipped primary healthcare centre at Gwange II ward in Maiduguri and found that some workers were collecting between N8,000 to N10,000 before diagnosing and treating patients of common ailments like Malaria.

"The staff we met here at Gwange II, PHC confirmed that they use to collect between N8,000 to N10,000 from patients to treat Malaria."

The angry Governor expressed disappointment saying, "they have turned this government health centre into a private hospital, and this is why the centre has been deserted by people who mostly do not have the money to access services here."

"The workers just collect money and put it in their pockets", unhappy Zulum said.

In his quest for truth, the Governor also discovered that only one medical staff was available to attend to patients, "despite having 29 health workers on the Government payroll."

"You can imagine that at 2:00 pm, this primary healthcare centre we built and fully equipped is empty because of extortion and without medical staff. This level of impunity cannot be tolerated. The earlier we address it, the better for all of us," Zulum queried.

Zulum directed the Borno State Primary Healthcare Agency to thoroughly investigate, identify all the culprits and take appropriate disciplinary actions.

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