Nigerian Radio broadcaster fired over inability to pronounce R

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A Nigerian woman has taken to her Twitter page to narrate how a radio station fired her over R pronunciation.

Zainab Fakunle, an indigene of Ibadan, was fired less than a month into her new job due to rhotacism - inability to pronounce R, popularly known as "R Factor."

Zainab had worked with Suncity Fm, 32 FM and Dux FM as an On-Air Personality (OAP) but got fired for the first time due to rhotacism.

She said her employer tagged it a "misconduct and non-professionalism" to have an R factor but argued that it had "stained my brand".

She posted, "I am in pain! after almost 30 days of Ramadan, I got the most devasting news of my life. I was laid off from my radio job as an OAP just because I have an "R" factor!

"They laid me off barely a month after resumption! I've worked at three different stations before now, and it was never an issue.

"That was my fourth job, for those that care to know, and it was never an issue."

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