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Nigerian Soldiers Hiding From Boko Haram – Reports

There is a new report by the New York times that the Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram terrorists in Borno are losing the battle.

The report also says the soldiers are losing motivation and struggle to match the insurgents more sophisticated weapons.

Boko Haram Kingpin
Boko Haram Kingpin

Contrary to the Nigerian government’s claims that the Boko Haram is defeated and degraded, the NY Times says the insurgent’s power is growing in the north-east

Boko Haram operates with more sophisticated weapons including improved drones while Nigerian soldiers struggle to keep up with the “obsolete weapons and ineffectual strategy”

The Nigerian government have continued to claim the war against Boko Haram has been successful, but the terrorists are pushing the soldiers to the corner.

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari said days ago that the insurgents have been degraded, but also acknowledging there were few remnants who still carry out attacks.

Soldiers In The Defensive

The New York Times report says the soldiers are in the defensive and demoralized.

Many of them have not had a home leave in more than three years.

“Some soldiers have complained they haven’t had a home leave in three years. Their weapons and vehicles have fallen into disrepair,” it said.

“(But) Boko Haram militants are still roaming the countryside with impunity. Their fighters now have more sophisticated drones than the military and are well-armed after successful raids on military brigades, according to local politicians and security analysts.”

Though the military claimed Boko Haram is not in control of any major territory, the report says the insurgents have taken over four out of the ten zones in northern Borno state.

The insurgents are carrying out daily attacks in different parts of the region, particularly in Borno, while the soldiers with the obsolete weapons hide and take cover.

The report said: “Some soldiers have fled in the face of attacks rather than staying to fight, according to accounts from residents.”

“Abubakar, 13, said he was coming home from school in the town of Gubio in late August when he saw several soldiers racing through the village. “Run for your lives,” they were screaming as they fled, he said. Boko Haram is coming!”

“The boy, whom The NYTimes is not identifying for security reasons, said he watched as soldiers stripped off their uniforms and changed into everyday clothes. They parked their army truck under a tree, piled into a civilian car and sped away.”

Soldiers Join My Husband In Hiding – Woman

A woman from Gubio told the story of how some soldiers “joined her family in hiding, and five more hid in her neighbour’s house”.

“She said they kept silent inside for two days as militants ransacked the town and loudly bragged about how easy it was to seize,” the report said of a particular attack in which three people were reportedly killed.

The report also says the military is using “old and ineffectual strategy” to sustain the fight against the terrorist, the strategy includes the newly introduced “super camps”

“But some officials call the super camps an outright retreat,” the report said, quoting a government official as saying “soldiers were merely barricading themselves inside super camps (while) Boko Haram fighters are raiding the gear the soldiers are leaving behind as they abandon their posts for the camps”.

Army spokesman, Sagir Musa did not immediately respond to the inquiry made by journalists, TheCable says on Saturday.

However, the New York Times reports that an Army Major, A. K Karma at Bama Super camp has remained dishonest to himself with the continuous claims that Boko Haram is gaining more ground.

“We have one or two problem attacks by Boko Haram, but that doesn’t mean they have a grand offensive,” he said.

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