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Nigerian soldiers repel Boko Haram attack in Maiduguri

Troops of the Nigerian Army repelled an ambush by the Boko Haram insurgents on Sunday night.

Investigations revealed that the insurgents ambushed the troops while they were on deployment to reinforce the military presence in Sambisa.

An intelligence personnel who confided in our correspondent said the soldiers returned the fire of the insurgents and killed an unspecified number of them.

It was learnt that the troops who belong to the 81 Battalion of the ‎ Nigerian Army, Ibadan, were ordered to move from their location in Sector 8, Maiduguri, when they ran into the ambush.

The source said that ‎ a soldier died in the attack while three others who were injured had been rushed to Maiduguri.

“The terrorists attacked our men but they were repelled. I can’t give the exact number of those killed but I can tell you that many of the terrorists were killed.

On the side of the military, we lost one soldier. The rest three soldiers have been rushed to hospital in Maiduguri where they are being treated.