No CCTV at Kuje Prison, as Senate President, Ahmed Lawan Laments

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Concerns about the security arrangement at the Kuje detention facility in the federal capital area have been raised by Senate President Ahmad Lawan (FCT).

The institution was attacked on Tuesday, and reports suggest that hundreds of convicts, including all of the Boko Haram suspects housed there, managed to flee.

In remarks made while touring the prison on Thursday, Lawan expressed dissatisfaction that closed-circuit television (CCTV) was not present there and requested that the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) make sure it is included in the security agency's 2023 budget.

According to a statement released by his media team, Lawan stated, "We were told that an estimated 300 terrorists attacked this facility. They came on foot, and I believe they should have been detected.

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 07 at 8.23.32 PM No CCTV at Kuje Prison, as Senate President, Ahmed Lawan Laments

“In the first place, three hundred people will not come for an operation like this without planning. Planning must have taken a week, a month or a bit more. I believe that our security agencies should have picked this from their tracking systems in the FCT.

“Secondly, having gone round the facility itself, we are disappointed that this facility does not have Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, something that would record and give you details of what is happening and sometimes record the events.

“This is a medium security custodial center. How on earth in the FCT facility of this magnitude we don’t have CCTV? It means we can say that all other medium security centers across the country do not have CCTV.

“We have asked the Comptroller General of Correctional Centre to ensure that the request for CCTV at the maximum and medium custodial centres of the country is included in their 2023 budget because this is essential and indispensable.

“Now, as this facility lacks a functional CCTV, there’s no record of what happened, except narration. But if we had CCTV, at least the records would have been there and analysis made, and arrest will be based on the information from the CCTV.”

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