"No Election" Posters Destroyed, as Soldiers Engage IPOB Terrorists in Imo

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According to the Defence Headquarters, troops have been actively suppressing terrorist and other criminal activity throughout the past two weeks in a number of theatres of operations.

Major General Musa Danmadami, the director of defence media operations, stated during a briefing in Abuja on Thursday that between January 26 and February 9, 340 terrorists and members of their families turned themselves into the military.

He said that troops in Imo State's Ordu Local Government Area during that time smashed an enclave of the Indigenous People of Biafra/Eastern Security Network.

He said that during a shootout, the soldiers demolished IPOB shrines and placards that read "No Election."

He claimed that during the operation, one AK-47 firearm was found.

According to Danmadami, "On January 28, 2023, troops made contact with terrorists at County Primary School Amaruru in the Ordu Local Government Area of Imo State after receiving reliable intelligence about terrorist activities there from the Indigenous People of Biafra and the Eastern Security Network. Following the firefight, the military eliminated 10 motorcycles and neutralized one terrorist.

"Troops destroyed the terrorists' shrines, including posters with the message "No Election," and recovered one AK-47 gun."

He also said, “Cumulatively, during the period under review, troops in the North-East region recovered two GPMG, one AK-47, 13 Dane guns, three AK-47 magazines, one bandolier, 316 rounds of 7.62mm x 54mm PKT ammo, 37 rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, one 36-hand grenade, 77 rounds of belted 7.62mm NATO ammo, one belted 18 x 7.62mm x 51mm ball ammo, 19 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, two jack knives, 11 bicycles, one vehicle, one motorcycle, 20 wraps of cannabis, the sum of N77,260, as well as a vehicle loaded with food and other items.

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