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Noah’s Flood without Ark in Benin City

By Vanessa Enofe

Flood in Benin City

Several major roads and streets of Benin City, capital of Edo state in southern Nigeria were Monday flooded following a heavy down pour that lasted for over fifteen hours. Homes were also flooded and scores of cars that attempted to wade through the water-logged roads were abandoned.

The rain which started at about 2 am and continued till about 6pm when this report was filed, paralyses all forms of business activities in some areas in the city, forcing many people to stayed indoors.

Even the deep roadside and underground drainage constructed in several parts of the city could not contain the attendant flow of water. Roadside drainage were overflown as a result of the intensity of the rain, turning several roads to rivers with high current. Among the roads seriously affected by the flood were Uselu-Ugbowo Road, Sapele Road and Dumez Road.

Many residents were seen erecting emergency barriers in their premises under the rain to prevent the resultant flood from overrunning their houses, while others were seen bailing the flood water from their houses. Heavy rain also affected the western Nigerian city of Ibadan, capital of Oyo State.

Flood in Benin
Flood in Benin

The rain started on Sunday evening, and by Monday evening, it was still raining. Several bridges across Ibadan, were covered by the flood, making residents to stay indoors Monday.

The submerged bridges include the 7up/Elebu bridge in Oluyole Estate, which prevented residents, including pupils and government workers, from leaving their homes. Some of the people, who spoke to NAN, however, bemoaned the sudden increase in the cost of transportation, adding that most commercial motorists even declined to convey people to long distances.

Some residents who spoke with NAIJA CENTER NEWS revealed their fear over the gravity of the rain and the damages it might cause if not properly checked. Some added that the flood that took place during the time of Noah could be what they are experiencing now.

Mrs. Edith Osawe said she feared for her kids as the floods that entered her house may have carried in reptiles. Another resident who identified himself simply as Paul said ” I am thinking this may just be a repeat of the days of Noah”  And another elder in the community popularly known as Agbontaen appealed to the government to do something about the flood taken over houses especially in Ugbowo, Uwelu, Uselu and Dumez roads, saying if not done, many will be rendered homeless in no time.



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