Obi Cubana Mother's Burial: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Oba Anambra, South-East Nigeria is in the spotlight today as its illustrious son and Lagos Socialite, Obi Cubana and his goons ravish the town with money crying for help. Money will cry 😭. It's his mother's burial and it's going to be lit.

Already close to 400 cows has been donated and I saw on Twitter the list of names that have contributed to the burial ceremony. Over N250 million contributed from friends and associates.

Obi Cubana's Funeral

The Good:

The Igbos are a unique tribe in Nigeria. They hustle and can take risks. Business-wise, they are the most successful ethnic group in Nigeria. Their capitalist enterprise structure which was recently approved and published by Havard makes it possible for them to create wealth among themselves. You serve as an apprentice for some years and your boss sets you up.

You pick more people from the village and you also raise them up. It is today the best wealth creation platform in the world. That's why you won't see their boys begging on the street, and given stipends to join extremist groups in the name of religion.

Obi Cubana has created a network around him and has invested in them. He is only reaping what he has sown. In retrospect, can you and I boast of people we have invested in? If you look at your circles, can you even call on friends who can loan you N250k within seconds or dash you money for your project launch without looking back? We can't reap where we have not sown.

You may not have people with money like Cubana or political power like Tinubu as your garment in time of need, what about the people who can provide emotional and psychological support? If you're having a meltdown in your home or mind, have you invested in people who can stand in the gap and pray with you, encourage you and pull you up? You can be a Spiritual, emotional Obi Cubana don't you think?

The Bad:

The other perspective is about the value of money or what Wesley calls, the Use of Money. I saw how those guys were spraying money, throwing money at one another like a money-spinning contest at Cubana's home. They were balling, showcasing their Gucci themed diamond pendant (N50m pendant on Cubana's neck with her late mother's picture on it).

It is going to be an Olympics of the highest spender. I have said this before, the African man seeks money, abduct money as a hostage.

He doesn't see it beyond the value of ego, pride of life, power and competition. That's why you can't have Foundations, scholarships or charity organizations that exist among the whites here among us. People literarily perish with their wealth here.

We abuse money and we claim those in politics should be different. No way! They are chosen from among our species. Young Nigerians and indeed those weak at heart may see these guys and start praying, "I must make it", just so they can also fulfil their own lust and outdo their mates. We must come out of this corruption like Abraham was called out of his father's house. It takes a deep reflection and spiritual renewal to not see money as an end.

The Ugly:

I wrote recently about how Nigerians especially in the Christian South are unfortunately fond of the dead than the living. No one is sober or reflects where Obi Cubana's late mother is going to spend her eternity. Maybe, if the dead could talk, they could send a message from beyond to stop all these lavish ceremonies. But my Bible tells me, people will still not listen. Incredible!

This tradition is not only sinful but lacking in common sense. If Obi Cubana had set up a GoFundMe page to set up young entrepreneurs or build a health centre in his local government, those who sent millions for the burial of his mother will find it difficult to spend a dime on the project.

If you want to prove me wrong, just inform people you want to do a "proper" burial ceremony of your late father, mother or grandparents and see how you will start receiving alerts. If you needed to start a business, you will find out how difficult people will contribute to lifting you up. You are on your own. The moment you die, they will rise from oblivion. Reason for intergenerational poverty.

Any event that doesn't grease the ego of my people, they don't show enthusiasm. Who are we? Why are we like this? Let me not go back, we are who we are until there's a spiritual rebirth and awakening to the wretchedness of our traditions and ways of life. Sadly also we don't learn from our Cubanas in the past who painted our streets red, praised by musicians, yet we can't find their footprints in the lives of those alive today. History is a badass to the scornful.

Note By: If you're looking for me, I'm not in Oba, Anambra, I'm in my house. Where una dey see this money 💰🤓😭😀

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