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Omotola plans to lead campaign against corrupt leaders


Award winning Nigeria actress, Omotola Ekeinde, says she is pissed off with the way many Nigerian leaders fail to deliver on their constitutional responsibilities. She took to Twitter on Thursday to lament the state of maternal mortality, healthcare, and corruption in the Nigerian polity.

Omotola,  who in April,  made Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world,  said on Twitter that she would be leading a campaign against the ugly trend.

In a series of tweets,  she says, “Hmm, I keep asking. What is the value of a Nigerian life? What is the primary job of a government? Shame on humans who pledge to serve fellow humans, get into power and ignore their duties and intimidate the citizens.

“Are Nigerians entitled to health care benefits? What’s the way forward from maternal mortality for a start? Shame on those who worship money and forget their silent heroes and suck up to corrupt leaders, selling their voice!’’

Omotola adds that she will change the trend of things in her own little way with her foundation, Omotola Youth Empowerment Programme. She also urges her fans on the social service to start a campaign on social media saying, ‘’You too can sign petitions and cc @TIME @[email protected] we trend with anything we can with petitions.’’

… and just before she returns to location

What film will Omotoala produce next? This may be the question that many of her fans worldwide will be asking, after the global celebration she has savoured, especially after making Time 100 Most Influential People.

Since she bagged the honour a few weeks ago, her fame seems to have been soaring as she wined and dines with other top celebrities from different parts of the world. Now, expectations of film lovers of her must have risen higher. They will be interested in seeing how well she can live up to the height that Time’s wise men have enshrined her, just as her new found love for political activism has become a factor.

But again, this is a test that she can only fail at her own professional peril.

But while she may not have spoken about what her current or nest project is, the actress, otherwise called Omosexy, is still relishing the experience of the award.

In a recent media report, she was quoted as describing the development as a great honour.

Recalling transpired in the course of travelling for the crest, she said, “Sometimes you really don’t know your worth and people around you may just take you for granted. I was selected for a number of reasons. From what I was told, they watch a lot of my movies up there. The person who wrote my profile is actually the movie critic for Time. He had been introduced to some of my movies. He also got to know about my other activities, including human rights activism and others.

“They also conducted opinion polls from those that follow what’s going on in Nollywood. I think the opinion of the organisers is based on this. I wasn’t the only person picked from Africa. There was another guy from Egypt but he’s white and lives in the US. He is a blogger. I was the only black African honoured and out of the 100 honorees, they only picked 20 of our portraits displayed in the Time Work of Fame, and my picture was there. Not only that, it was given the pride of place.


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