‘Parents of nine-year-old killed by policemen hospitalised’

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The parents of a nine-year-old boy allegedly killed by a police stray bullet in Lagos on Thursday were hospitalised following the tragic incident.

it waslearnt that the deceased, Timilehin Ebun, who was killed by a policeman attached to Ketu Division, was the last child of the family.

The parents, it was learnt, were still in shock and were under close watch.

The family’s lawyer and spokesperson, Mr. Francis Ogunbowale, said the matter was pathetic because after the alleged shooting, the father of the deceased had to carry the corpse of his son for about 200 metres to the police station.

Ogunbowale said after the shooting, the team of policemen fled.

He said, “Timilehin was in the vehicle with his parents and brother, Jide. They were on their way back from Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja. They went to pick up Jide who schools in Canada. On getting to Kosofe, Mile 12 area, a police stray bullet pierced through the window of the vehicle and Timilehin was killed.

“The broken glass injured the mother and Jide. Immediately after the shooting, the policeman and his team, entered their patrol vehicle and fled to the station. The deceased’s father, Olusegun, along with his family, alighted from the vehicle and carried Timilehin, whom they thought was not yet dead.

“Some hoodlums immediately entered into the vehicle and chased after the policemen and dropped the vehicle at the police station. The father of the deceased, thought he had been robbed of his vehicle at the time. He carried his son on foot down to the station, where he saw his Nissan Pathfinder.”

Ogunbowale told our correspondent on the telephone that due to the injuries the family members had sustained, coupled with the shock, they were hospitalised at Ajayi Medical Centre. He however said they had been discharged but were still at home albeit on treatment.

He said, “When we went to the CP’s office, his PA said the matter had been transferred to the X Squad and we should see the officer-in-charge. On getting to X Squad, we were told that the officer-in-charge was not around but we saw his deputy who told us that the Divisional Police Officer, Ketu, had transferred the matter and had handed over the team of policemen to them.”

Eyewitnesses said the boy was killed while a team of policemen were trying to arrest a commercial bus driver for breaking traffic law.

The stray bullet that killed Timilehin was said to have emanated from the rifle of one Razaq Alowonle, a police sergeant with Force number, 203693.

The Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Damasus Ozoani, confirmed Timilehin’s death to our correspondent on the telephone.

Ozoanni added that investigations were ongoing but said it was possible that the boy was killed by armed robbers.

He said, “Some policemen were trying to arrest a commercial bus driver when violence erupted. The policemen fired tear gas but the hoodlums proved stubborn so they called for backup.

“When the backup arrived, shots were fired and the policemen arrested the bus driver and took him to the station. About two hours later, a man came to the station with his dead son.

“The team of policemen have been arrested but there was a robbery in the area that night so it could have been robbers. We will not leave any stone unturned.”


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