Police Arrest Couple Who Threatened To Abduct Former Provost of College of Agriculture, Dr Julius Obahayujie

Two suspects who have been sending threatening text messages to a former Provost of College of Agriculture, Iguoriakhi, have been arrested.

The duo was arrested after the police tracked them to Warri in Delta State.

The suspects, Uche Kenneth and Rita Owhiri, who is nine months pregnant, demanded N3 million to stop the abduction of Dr Julius Obahayujie.

Rita Owirhi was a former house assistant to the former provost in Benin city.

The suspects, Uche Kenneth and Rita Owhiri
The suspects, Uche Kenneth and Rita Owhiri

She worked for Dr Obahayujie for two years before stealing N100,000 and absconded to her boyfriend in Delta State, Standard Gazette learned.

SG crime correspondent Festus Alenkhe gathered that Rita had access to Dr Obahayujie’s mobile phone and transferred N100,000 from his account.

In Warri, her boyfriend, Uche Kenneth, copied the former provost’s mobile number and started sending threatening text messages.

In a WhatsApp chat available to Standard Gazette, Uche reminded Dr Obahayujie how he was abducted in 2010, threatening to kidnap him again if the N3 million was not paid.

SG can see the threatening messages started from 27 June 2021. The frightful former provost made attempts to initiate a phone call, but the kidnapper wannabe warned not to call.

The former provost, who was earlier kidnapped in 2010, was reminded and directed to pay the ransom or get kidnapped again.

Frightened, Dr Obahayujie reported the threats to the police, who trailed the suspect to Warri, where they were apprehended.

Uche, 38, and Rita, 26, said they needed the money to handle an urgent domestic matter.

Speaking with SG, Uche said, “I collected my woman’s mobile phone and got the phone number of her former boss to threaten him for money.

“I know if I threatened him a little, he would send money to me. I need money because my woman is nine months pregnant, and she will soon deliver”.

Rita said, “I never knew when my boyfriend took my phone to collect my former boss number to threatening him.

“He never told me at all. I will soon put to birth, and I have the sign already in the police station. Though the police did not put me in the cell, I am very worried now”.

The victim, Dr Julius Obahayujie, told SG, “I have helped this girl a lot, and I am wondering why she did this crime to me.

“She stole my N100, 000 and I did not bother her about it, and now she engaged in a threat to kidnap me.

“I was kidnapped in September 2010, and I suffered greatly. So when l got several text messages on the plan to kidnap me again, l have to contact the police quickly.

“I must commend men of the Anti kidnapping Squad of the Edo state police command for an effective job done to arrest the suspects”.

The Edo State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Bello Kontongs, said the two SUSPECTS would appear in court soon.

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