Police Arrest Man Sending ‘Threat To Kidnap’ Text Messages To Businessmen In Edo

A man in his late thirties has been arrested in Benin City for sending threatening text messages to businessmen to pay a ransom or be abducted.

Destiny Iyobor Iyase, 39, is from Udo in Ovia South-West local government area of Edo State.

Iyase search for his victims’ mobile numbers and send them text messages demanding money for their safety.

Standard Gazette learned that Iyase had multiple sim cards he used for various circumstances.

Destiny Iyobor Iyase
Destiny Iyobor Iyase

SG crime’s correspondent, Festus Alenkhe, gathered exclusively how the suspect threatened to kidnap a leader of the Edo Tipper Drivers Association with a persistent text message demanding a ransom for his freedom.

The suspect gave a vivid description of his would-be victim to demonstrate the seriousness of his threat, then demanded N3 million ransom with an ultimatum to pay within 48 hours.

The Tipper boss immediately contacted the police, who tracked Iyase to his hideout, where he was arrested.

Iyase named two other accomplices, Prince Kelly and another suspect who was arrested immediately.

The case took a twist two days later, after Iyase recounted his confession, claiming his two alleged cohorts were innocent.

The kidnapper wannabe claimed he named Kelly and the other because he thought they could assist him with the case.

The suspect told Standard Gazette, “I met the man I threatened, in the tipper garage at ikpoba slope in Benin city, and I got his phone number.

“But because I needed money to fix an urgent matter, I just decided to threaten him to see if he will fall and bring out the money.

“The two persons now arrested did not actually know about the threat messages I sent to the man. My conscience was disturbing me in the cell, and I have to speak the truth so that the police can free them.

The police have since released the other two, while Destiny Iyobor will be charged to court soon.

They thank God for touching Destiny’s heart to recount his accusation.

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