Police Arrest Two Robbery Suspects In Edo

  • They break into peoples’ homes, steal their belongings, wear their clothes and steal their cars.

Two suspected armed robbers have been arrested by men of the Edo state police command.

The suspects were arrested in a suspected drug sales outlet in Benin city.

The suspects, Friday Isaac and Uche Chibueze, were arrested moment after one of their armed robbery operations.

The report revealed that the hoodlums specialise in breaking into homes at midnight and rob everyone in sight.

Standard Gazette gathered that the suspects were alleged to have robbed some houses behind Winners Church on Benin- Sapele road in Benin city.

It was revealed that the suspects entered the apartment after forcing the window open.

Friday Isaac and Uche Chibueze. Police Arrest Two Robbery Suspects In Edo
Friday Isaac and Uche Chibueze

They met the occupants of the house sleeping but woke them up and robbed all of them in a row.

Police investigation revealed that the suspects removed their own clothes and later wore the stolen clothes in the victims’ house before leaving.

During the operation, the suspects also collected a Toyota Lexus 350 Jeep belonging to their victim and made away with it.

The hoodlums robbed another house using the same techniques of scaling the fence into the compound.

This time, they found an axe in their victim’s compound which they used in forcing the door open around 2.30 am.

All the occupants were robbed, and they collected household items and the Toyota Venza car, which was used in removing the stolen items.

Before they left the crime scene, the suspects put all their victims in one room and locked them up while the room key was taken away.

After the departure, Standard Gazette gathered that the victims screamed for help as neighbours who heard their voice later came to their rescue.

The two suspects were later arrested in an alleged drug sales outlet at Unueru Street, off Sakponba Road in Benin city.

The two stolen cars are yet to be recovered by the police.

One of the suspects told Standard Gazette that, “I just decided to wear the new clothes l met in the wardrobe because they look nice. I smoke cocaine and other drugs in our cartel at Unueru.”

“One of our members was killed in a gun battle with the police last week in Benin city, and he was the one that carried the two stolen cars away. I was arrested in 2019 for stealing and burglary and freed by the court as the complainant did not come to court during prosecution”.

The police are expected to profile the two suspects and charge them to court immediately.

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