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President Jonathan Congratulates Mugabe

President Goodluck Jonathan congratulates President Robert Mugabe on his victory in last week’s presidential elections in Zimbabwe as announced by the country’s electoral commission at the weekend.

As President Mugabe and his party, ZANU-PF celebrate their victory at the polls, President Jonathan urges them to rededicate themselves to working for the well-being and progress of all Zimbabweans.

The President also calls on President Mugabe to ensure that all persons and parties who oppose the conduct of the polls and the announced results are given every opportunity to seek lawful redress as allowed by the country’s electoral laws and constitution.

He welcomes the decision of the main opposition leader, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai to avail himself of these avenues of peaceful and legal redress instead of resorting to unlawful actions that could lead Zimbabwe down the road of political instability again.




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