Rape Suspect Escape Death By A Whisker In Central Kenya

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A 38-Year-Old man reported having attempted to rape a woman in Githunguri, Kiambu County in central Kenya, on Tuesday evening saved by police officers from irate members of the public who were baying for his blood.

Peter Kariuki was reported to have waylaid the victim at a secluded spot as she returned to her home at Nyaga village from Kwa Maiko shopping centre, attempting to commit the despicable act.

But the victim who would not take the battle lying down struggled with the roughneck as she shrieked, attracting responders to her aid.

In a matter of minutes before standby police officers from a nearby station could arrive at the scene, Kariuki's body had been turned into a punching bag, with responders serving him an overdose of mighty blows and hot slaps.

Luckily, police were on time to rescue him for a procedural arrest and subsequent subjection to the law.

A Lenovo phone belonging to the victim was found in his pockets upon search.

He was rushed to Ngewa Health Centre where he has since been treated and discharged.

“He is now cooling heels with other guests of the state at the police post,” said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

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