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Release Asari Dokubo or wait for the consequence – Group tells Benin Republic

By Ehi Ekhator


Asari DokuboThe arrest of Asari Dokubo in Benin Republic might take a different turn soon as a group loyal to the Delta militant, Mujahid Asari-Dokubo, Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force has sent a warning to Benin authorities to free Asari or wait for the consequence.

The threat was contained in a warning, written by NDPVF and signed by Rex. Ekiugbo Anighoro in Abuja because of the arrest and unnecessary detention of Asari who was said to have been taken to an unknown destination

It said: “We hold this arrest as an absurdity. It is unprovoked and questionable and has been without any reason from the government of Republic of Benin.

“We consider this as a kidnap of our leader by the President of Republic of Benin working with certain opposition figures in Nigeria.

“We hereby make demand on President Yayi Bonni of the Republic of Benin to release, unconditionally and with immediate effect, our leader Alhaji  Asari-Dokubo and offer unreserved apology to him for this monumental breach of his rights.

“We call on all the aggrieved youths of Niger Delta to be on red alert and ready for a total showdown and shut down if in the next 48 hours his release has not been made.

“We call on the President of the Nigerian union to mediate on this potential diplomatic row that may lead to an unprecedented conflagration.”